Procedure and info about your order process

  1. You send your order straightforwardly and securely online in our mask shop.
  2. You will receive an immediate confirmation of your respirator mask order by email. You will get an email with the basic order data, such as the date of your order, then your payment method and your invoice amount, sent to your order via our shop system. also an order info via our own website.
  3. You will then also receive an additional e-mail from your chosen payment provider. If, for example, you have chosen the provider Klarna for this purpose, then please make sure that when settling your invoice amount, you absolutely state the Klarna payment purpose number for your payment in the purpose of use. Please do not use our own Nematec invoice number, which you will logically find on our invoice. Unfortunately, Klarna cannot read our Nematec invoice number. If this has already happened to you, please do not be surprised if you receive a reminder from your chosen payment provider Klarna. Unfortunately, we have no influence on it, because you pay your invoice amount to Klarna and not to our company Nematec.
  4. After the order has been received, your goods will be packed by us personally and handed over to DHL immediately, except on weekends. Once your order has been collected by DHL, the order or the ordering process is complete. You will be informed of this again by e-mail. You will immediately receive another e-mail from us. This e-mail will also confirm that the order process has been carried out and completed and that the goods have been handed over to DHL. Sorry - sorry for the fact that you will receive several e-mails in total towards the end of your order! We have really tried everything to minimise this e-mail effort. But information and buyer protection come first. Please note that due to the current situation, all courier and parcel services are doing an excellent job, but are still running at the limit of their capacity. Parcels can therefore take a little longer. You can rest assured that there will be no parcel or delivery backlogs at our company. The warehouse is filled and our packing team is highly motivated every day.
  5. We ship your respirators within 24 hours. Please note when you actually placed the order. Once again, we would like to point out that DHL does not always deliver your order immediately the next day due to the high freight volume. Please make sure that your address is correct and that you have an appropriate letterbox or a safe place to accept the delivery. Unfortunately, we always have to deal with returns of goods by the deliverers.
  6. You will receive 100% respiratory protection masks with the important four-digit CE marking. That means with the identification number of the certification body. The masks are tested and not counterfeit.
  7. If you should order 10 pieces of FFP2 or FFP3, then we will not be able to send you the masks in the original packaging, because that would only increase the costs due to the size. The masks are hygienically packaged in the factory individually and in packaging bags, the so-called poly-bag.
  8. The date of manufacture can be found on an instruction leaflet in the original packaging. As a rule, the month of manufacture is one month behind the month of delivery. The product has a shelf life of two years if stored correctly. See also the enclosed instructions for use. If you need instructions for use again, please contact us for this.
  9. In addition to the CE, the respiratory protection masks bear the additional marking FFP2 or FFP3 to describe the mask protection class. You will find the manufacturer's name and the item number of the respective respirator on the mask and on the packaging. Thus, all information required by law is clearly shown.
  10. Our FFP2 & FFP3 respirators are built and tested according to the test specifications of the European Standard (EN) 149:2001+A1:2009 (corresponds to DIN EN 149:2009-08). The respirators from our website are 100% compliant with the required EU Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and have been extensively tested and certified.
  11. The manufacturer has an EU type examination certificate or EU-TYPE EXAMINATION and production control. These are not pure CPA goods ( Corona Pandemic Respiratory Protection goods) which have mostly only undergone a simple quick test. We supply you with high-quality FFP2 and FFP3 masks. We do not change the supplier or the manufacturer of the masks in order to achieve price advantages. You get the goods that you see on our site here.
  12. In addition, there is of course also a valid declaration of conformity from the manufacturer.
  13. Of course, you can view our certificates or we will be happy to send them to you by email if required. Unfortunately, we have stopped enclosing the certificates or downloading them here on the website due to misuse in the certificate area.
  14. For all questions about your order, you can write or call us.
Respirator FFP2 NR Mask

FFP2 and FFP3 respirators

Our FFP2 respirators and FFP3 respirators are of high quality and carry the appropriate CE marking followed by the number of a certified and approved testing institute for respirators. (CE marking by Notified Body Institute) For us, this is the N.B. CE number 2163 if you buy FFP2 masks and the 0598 if you buy FFP3 masks.

Respirator FFP3 NR masks 30 pieces

Do you have any questions? We have comprehensively compiled a mask comparison and all the data of the various standards for the FFP2 and FFP3 masks, along with other respiratory protection masks available on the market, for our customers under the item Differences in respiratory protection masks.

Respiratory protection mask FFP3 NR 20 pieces and 30 pieces

If you would like to buy a larger quantity of FFP2 masks or FFP3 masks, please contact us in writing or by telephone. Or simply use our non-binding enquiry form for this purpose!

If you would like more information about the ordering process and you cannot find the information you are looking for here in our further information about the ordering process, please call us on 06144-938-182 between 8:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday.

If you have any enquiries about purchasing a larger order quantity of FFP2 or FFP3 respirators, you can of course also send us a non-binding enquiry or simply call us.

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