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NEMATEC Display Factory GmbH & Co. KG
Hauptstrasse 1, D-65462 Ginsheim

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NEMATEC Verwaltungs-GmbH,
represented by managing director Dipl. Ing. Frank Knapp

Phone: 49 (0) 6144 938182
Fax: 49 (0) 6144 938184

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NEMATEC Display Factory GmbH & Co. KG
Register court: Darmstadt
Registration number: HRA No.: 53514

NEMATEC Management GmbH
Register court: Darmstadt
Registration number: HRA No. 55346

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Felix Pratzner (

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Dipl.Ing. Frank Knapp
Hauptstrasse 1, D-65462 Ginsheim

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Information on the use of our products:

Before using our products, please read all enclosed packaging information and instructions for use. If you have a representative for occupational safety in your company, ask him/her whether the respective product offers the appropriate necessary level of protection and protective functions for the application you require. Please take the appropriate care when using our products and, if possible, be instructed by trained personnel. Even the best protective equipment does not provide protection if it is used incorrectly or is used beyond its load limits. In addition, you must take the relevant national regulations and laws on the use of our products to heart, since, for example, used and thus potentially contaminated protective equipment must be disposed of in accordance with the waste code EAK 180104 in accordance with the LAGA enforcement aid. Disposal in any other way can contaminate you and others. Please familiarize yourself with the national regulations and laws applicable to your area of application regarding the handling of protective equipment, read the packaging instructions and the user manual and have trained personnel instruct you.

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