Wearing time and reusability explained

Notes on wearing time and reusability of FFP masks

FFP protective masks belong to respirator group 1 and must be disposed of after use for hygienic reasons. After use, the respiratory protection mask should be disposed of in accordance with the waste code EAK 180104 in accordance with the LAGA enforcement aid. This means that the respirator must be collected directly at the place of use in securely closed containers and brought to the central collection point without refilling or sorting. The waste must also not be decanted or sorted at the collection point.

In the event that FFP protective masks are not available in sufficient numbers during a pandemic and there is only the possibility to fall back on already used masks, they may exceptionally, according to ABAS, be used several times under the following conditions, however, over one working shift at the longest; in addition, the following rules apply:

Before and after taking off the mask, the hands must be disinfected and contamination of the inside must be avoided

  • The mask should be stored dry in the air after use (not in closed containers!) and
  • the mask is then used by the same wearer (access by other persons must be excluded)
  • Usage and Guidelines about respirators may differ depending on your country, the ones listed here are guidelines and recommendations from German institutions.

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