Usage of respirators in medical facilities

Use of N95, KN95, FFP2 or FFP3 masks in medical facilities

According to Decision 609 "Occupational safety and health in the event of the occurrence of human influenza that cannot be adequately prevented by vaccination" of the German Committee on Biological Agents (ABAS), the following is recommended:

At least FFP2 masks should be worn by medical personnel in the following cases:

  • During the examination, treatment, care and nursing of patients who are infected with an agent of risk group 3 (SARS coronavirus/SARS-Cov) or who are suspected to be infected
  • In the investigation, treatment, care and nursing of patients who have contracted or are suspected of having contracted influenza in risk group 2, if the patients do not wear a nose and mouth protector better known as an orinasal mask and often mixed up with the N95 respirator.

FFP3 masks must be worn during activities where the patient's cough is provoked, e.g. during bronchoscopy, intubation or aspiration. Personal protective equipment consists of a protective gown, disposable gloves, tightly fitting respiratory masks (FFP2, or FFP3 or respirator) and safety goggles. These must be put on before entering the patient's room and left on before leaving the airlock/room.

Before entering, one should disinfect one's hands and then put on the protective equipment directly from the sterile packaging in a tight fit. Particular attention should be paid to the fit of the close-fitting respirator and slippage should be prevented.

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